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Genesis Exchange excels as a cryptocurrency broker, providing a seamless, user-friendly platform for crypto trading. With helpful customer service and transparent fee structures, GenesisExchange successfully bridges the gap between advanced trading and novice crypto enthusiasts.
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Genesis Exchange Review

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When you research and review hundreds of online brokers, you kind of get a sense of the features you can expect from them. It’s usually a pattern and most of the features are quite common as they appear on every other platform. In other words, you can’t really call a broker “different” or “unique” based on what you see others doing.

However, when you finally find a broker that’s different, it seems too good to be true. That’s what happened when I landed on the website of the broker that you will find out about in this Genesis Exchange review.

What made me be so astonished about its services? Well, it is unique in a variety of ways from most other platforms. Let’s discuss all of those points in this Genesis Exchange review.

Learning with Demo Feature

You see online brokers provide you with an education academy when you sign up with them. Most of them will give you access to this feature no matter which account you sign up with. They name this feature differently, as some of them like to call it an education academy while others name it education center.

At the end of the day, when you enter those academies, you realize there are many eBooks and videos along with some other visualizations and contents for your training. It’s almost common on all online platforms.

Genesis Exchange trading platform

However, Genesis Exchange broker stands apart by offering you a demo account in addition to the education academy. You will be glad to know that GenesisExchange broker gives you access to this demo account so whatever you learn from eBooks and videos can be implemented without putting your money on the line.

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Each Trader Gets an Account Manager

Here is another thing that is going to impress you about Genesis Exchange. The company offers its traders an account manager feature. I won’t say that other brokers don’t have this feature at all because I have seen some offer their traders the same feature.

However, the difference between them and this broker is that they usually offer this feature to their advanced traders. On the other hand, when you pick broker as your online trading platform, you will get this feature even with the most basic trading account.

What you will notice is that the account manager you get with a basic account is at the junior level. However, they can still help you greatly with your trading decisions and tell you what type of trading strategy will suit you the best.

Fast Trade Executions

What impressed me the most on this broker’s platform was the speed. You might not think of it as something important but let me tell you that the speed at which your platform works matters a lot. If the platform is slow, you might even see the prices from many hours ago.

If you want to get fresh data from the market, you have to have a fast trading platform. Furthermore, you should be able to execute your trades in much less than a second. All of that is possible on Genesis Exchange trading platform. It’s a fast platform with lightning fast trading speeds.

Furthermore, it is updated more frequently than most other platforms out there. When you see the price of an asset on Genesis Exchange trading platform, you can be sure that it’s the latest price of that asset in the market.

Trading Signals for Everyone

Trading signals are crucial for any trader no matter which asset you are trading. Stock traders need these signals just as much as forex traders. In fact, I would go so far as to say that crypto traders need them the most. Why would crypto trading individuals need trading signals the most? Well, this is one of the most active markets today and one that can’t be matched by any other market for its volatility.

Cryptocurrencies can go up and down in price at very fast speeds and quite significantly. So, it makes sense to get some help with your trading decisions in the form of trading signals. GenesisExchange trading platform offers you these signals for free when you sign up with a trading account.

 Genesis Exchange trading signals

Is Genesis Exchange Scam or Legit?

I wouldn’t mind saying that this platform can be too good to be true in certain areas, but that’s because of the effort this team has put into creating it. They read the market, surveyed the target audience, and then created this extremely reliable online trading platform.

Final Thoughts

As a trader or investor, it’s your money that you are going to put on the line and so you need to make the final decision. My only objective with this GenesisExchange review was to tell you everything I discovered about this platform. After that, I think you are the best person to look at the pros and cons and then make a decision.

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