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Bitcoin was the most profitable commodity in the 20th century, and every investor can be one of those who own some amount of this digital cash.

This guide will discuss the best ways to make money passively with Bitcoin.


HODLing Bitcoin is an excellent way to make money in the cryptocurrency space. You are taking a relaxed approach and thinking of it as a way to hold onto something for a long time. Every crypto investor knows how important it is to stick with your investments.

If there are a lot of bitcoins, it would be wise to use some of them to create alpha.

Unofficially it is called “HODL,” and most people in the cryptocurrency world know what that means.

2. Earning Interest by Lending Bitcoin (Moderate to High Risk)

Lending has been around for a long time, and the same rules can be used in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If an investor has a lot of bitcoin or ether, they can give it away and get extra interest.

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3. BTC Stacking for Passive Income

Staking is a perfect way to make money from digital assets. The staking method involves buying and storing crypto-assets in a specially created wallet or exchange, simplifying the process. This allows you to make a regular income or profit.

Proof-of-bid digital currencies often use this method because it encourages betting while making the blockchain stronger.

To benefit from betting, you must keep your online wallet open for an extended period. The native cryptocurrency, the “steaking” prize, is given away as earnings.

4. Bitcoin Mining

Mining altcoins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Monero is an excellent way to make money without much effort.

Mining Bitcoin or other valuable cryptocurrencies can be a complicated process. Profitable mining of these coins requires powerful tools, such as an ASIC or GPU.

In addition, power and cooling systems cost a lot of money. Because of the high barriers to entry, only mining farms or very experienced coin miners were involved.

Some cloud mining services claim to be able to help their customers make money, but their terms and conditions give the impression that they are not. Choose wisely from the available options.

5. Bitcoin Trading (Buy Low, Sell High)

In bitcoin trading, a trader buys coins at a low price and then sells them at a higher price, usually 1% to 30% more than he purchased or at a price he set in advance.

This method can be successful in Bitcoin for people who are good at technical analysis and can chart price changes using analytical tools, follow the market, and make trading choices based on the latest news or significant changes in a particular blockchain project.

If an investor chooses this method over HODLing, it is best to slowly withdraw the amount of their capital as the price of the coin rises. Day trading or selling at certain times of the year has become a great source of idle income for many Bitcoin fans.

6. Blogging to Earn Bitcoins

One way to earn cryptocurrency is to create exciting content on writing platforms and sites that pay in digital assets depending on how many people read the content. In addition, if someone knows that their work is of great value, they can decide to earn cryptocurrency from it. This can be done by giving the person full access to the information.

7. Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Participating in well-known affiliate programs for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a great way to earn idle Bitcoin income. Many exchanges, wallets, and services offer lucrative affiliate schemes that allow an affiliate to sign up and earn Bitcoin when the people they attract use their services.


People often think that Bitcoin and other digital assets can be used to make quick and easy money.

To succeed in the world of cryptocurrencies, you have to learn a lot and work hard.

Likewise, this way of making money has its pros and cons. Therefore, an investor should be careful, put their needs first, and always do their research to avoid getting caught up in scams.

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