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Vergomarkets excels as a cryptocurrency broker, providing a seamless, user-friendly platform for crypto trading. Their robust security measures and impressive portfolio of diverse cryptocurrencies are commendable. With helpful customer service and transparent fee structures, Vergo Markets successfully bridges the gap between advanced trading and novice crypto enthusiasts.
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Despite the market being so wide and diverse, there are still very few trading platforms that are transparent about their security aspects. This has led traders to scour the web for safe and secure trading platforms that don’t compromise on functionality.

One of the exceptions I came across is the broker platform. All things considered, it gives a balance of security measures and advanced trading features. In this Vergomarkets review, I’ll cover these very features, what they do, and how they benefit traders.

Specifically, I’ll be going over different policies and protocols it employs, along with other safety measures it takes to give users a safe trading experience. So, let’s see if the security of this online platform can live up to the expectations of modern-day traders.

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Verifies User IDs 

To start my Vergomarkets review, I’ll talk about the top of the chain and how it all starts with user verification. The trading platform employs a Know Your Customer policy. As per this policy, the platform verifies the identity of every person who signs up as a trader.

Even though all users are required to provide their name, email, address, and other information, the platform also asks them to verify that the person signing up is really them. This helps ensure that no person with a stolen identity or a criminal record joins the platform. 

Then, there’s an Anti-Money Laundering policy as well. This policy helps to keep a check on all the activities happening on the platform to detect any suspicious activity. Besides acting as a security measure, the policy helps provide peace of mind to other users as well.

Encrypting User Data 

Besides implementing strict cybersecurity policies like KYC and AML policies, this broker platform also takes proper measures to protect user data. It does this by implementing an SSL encryption protocol, which stands for Secure Socket Layer.

It’s an encryption protocol used by many digital websites to secure the users’ data. Using this encryption protocol, the Vergo Markets broker platform is able to encrypt all the traders’ data, whether it’s their personally identifiable information or credit card details.

This encryption secures users’ personal and financial data from any kind of unauthorized access or exploitation. When you visit the online trading platform, you can view the SSL encryption certificate yourself.

2FA And Funds Segregation

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many hackers can enter accounts through means of brute force. That’s why platforms implement a 2FA policy that requires traders to punch in both their password, as well as a keyphrase or answer to a security question. This is to make sure that the person logging in is the real user. 2FA, which is short-term for 2 Factor Authentication, is a protocol that helps to verify the users using two steps. 

This means that when you log in to your trading account, you are required to complete another step besides entering your password. Now, this may require your contact number, email ID, or any other proof of identity. And to keep traders’ funds safe, the Vergomarkets broker platform keeps them in a segregated account. 

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Verified Payment Methods

Lastly, to make the transaction process totally secure, the Vergo Markets trading platform only offers users verified methods for payment. There are many verified credit cards, debit cards, and EWallet options that traders can use to make safe payments.

For instance, users can also rely on their VISA and Mastercard credit cards when making deposits or withdrawals. Bank wire transfer is another option available, but it takes a little more time than other methods.

Many traders prefer bank wire transfer over other payment methods because it is relatively safer and more reliable. With these secure payment options, traders don’t have to worry about getting their funds stolen when they deposit them or withdraw them.

Is Vergomarkets Scam or Legit?

Besides the security aspects of the Vergomarkets trading platform, I also reviewed some of its other features. I noticed that it has a wide variety of trading account options for both new and experienced traders. It gives an array of asset classes like stocks, physical commodities, and crypto trading to all levels of traders. Similarly, there are plenty of trading tools available to help users come up with useful strategies. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize my Vergomarkets review, I’ll recap the different security features and measures I’ve discussed so far. It employs a KYC policy to verify its users and an AML policy to detect suspicious transactions taking place on the platform.

It has an SSL encryption certificate to make sure that traders’ data is secure from any kind of theft or exploitation. It uses 2-factor authentication so only the authorized user can log in to their account. It keeps their funds safe by keeping them in a segregated account. And it only offers verified payment methods to make transactions safer.

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