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Audemars Group excels as a cryptocurrency broker, providing a seamless, user-friendly platform for crypto trading. Their robust security measures and impressive portfolio of diverse cryptocurrencies are commendable. With helpful customer service and transparent fee structures, AudemarsGroup successfully bridges the gap between advanced trading and novice crypto enthusiasts.
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Audemars Group Review

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Aren’t you happy to find a company that takes care of every major and minor gripe you have with their services? It’s amazing how some online trading services know so much about their traders. Their trading platforms are complete and address even the tiniest needs that some traders have. I think AudemarsGroup is the broker that I think has reached that level for me. I want to talk in so much detail about this broker in my review.

It’s not going to be an excuse to admire this platform. Instead, my review is going to talk about things that will show you that this broker really cares about even the smallest trading needs that traders have. So, let’s jump right in.

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Trading Tools for All Your Needs

So, it’s nothing new that a broker is offering you online trading tools, right? Yes, I said the same about this platform until I looked at the long list of tools that it offers. Every small thing that you need help with has a tool for it on this platform.

So, you have Audemars-Group broker offering you a currency converter for all your forex trading needs. It has an ICO calendar for your crypto trading passion. It will give you an economic calendar for your overall trading predictions. The charts have toggled so you can have several views and pick the one you like the most.

You can use stop-loss and take-profit strategies when you sign up with this broker. Last but not least, broker offers you trading signals that come from very reliable sources.

Advanced Charts and Trading Alerts

So, it needs no emphasis that you have to look at the market charts before you trade. In fact, you have to keep looking at them because you don’t want to miss any opportunities.

However, broker wants you to do other important things in life while it takes care of the chart and graph scanning task for you. So, the broker has this amazing trading alert features that you can opt in for.

Once you have opted in, you will be informed of every significant and valuable movement in the market through your chosen method. As a result, you won’t have to keep looking at the charts at all times.

However, if you are still interested in scanning the charts yourself, you can view not only the basic line charts but candlestick charts, bar charts, and much more.

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2FA and Account Monitoring

Are you someone who does a lot of traveling? Do you often find yourself using the platform on public computers? If that’s the case, you will be happy to know that Audemars-Group trading platform has taken care of that need as well. The broker implements 2FA authentication into its system to protect the accounts of its traders.

So, when you enter your password while signing in, you are prompted again to insert a one-time code. This code is received on SMS or email, whichever method you choose. You log into the account only after you enter this code.

Furthermore, the broker has taken it upon itself to monitor your account for any activities that don’t seem normal. It will not let someone misuse and take advantage of your trading account.

Account Segregation

Let’s talk about another feature that trading platform has excelled in. The broker has chosen for account segregation because it gives every trader in the world the much-needed peace of mind.

What if someone wrong happens to the broker? Will you lose all the money you have deposited? Even if you are signed up with the best broker in the world, you can’t completely ignore this possibility.

Yet again, trading platform has taken a step in the right direction through account segregation. With this feature, the broker has ensured that your money will stay safe no matter what happens to it.

Even if the company goes bankrupt for any reason, which there is no chance of happening, you will not lose the funds that you have deposited in your trading account.

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Is Scam or Legit?

If you ask me how I identify deceptive broker on the internet, I would say they never take any trading feature seriously. You will notice that they have nothing but claims to give you. It’s all talk and no walk. In this case of this broker, I think it delivers on everything it promises, which makes it a reliable platform.

Final Thoughts

As a trader, you don’t take anything lightly yourself. If there is something that will impact your money or savings in any way, you will take it seriously. Just like that, you should pick a broker that takes every trading feature seriously. That’s exactly what I have proved with my review. This broker is one you will definitely admire for its feature-focused trading platform.  

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